Heather D. Baker AOAT 330
Michael Jursa Approaching the Babylonian Economy
(eds.) ISBN 3-934628-79-6
Proceedings of the START Project Symposium  viii + 448 pp.
Held in Vienna, 1-3 July 2004 2005
Veröffentlichungen zur Wirtschaftsgeschichte Babyloniens 
im 1. Jahrtausend v.Chr. Band 2 86,50 EUR

Various aspects of the economy of Babylonia in the 1. mill. B.C.E. are studied in the 15 contributions presented in this congress volume, among others the archive of Bel-eteri-Shamash by M. Jursa, the history of the Borsippa archives by C. Waerzeggers, the relations of Babylonia and Iran by F. Joannès, agricultural facets of the Murashû archive, and theories of long distance trade in the Neo-Babylonian period by L. Graslin.

Preface v
Abbreviations and Conventions vii
Table of Contents ix
Heather D. Baker / Michael Jursa Introduction     1
Heather D. Baker The property portfolio of a family of builders from Hellenistic Uruk      7
Paul-Alain Beaulieu Eanna's contribution to the construction of the North Palace at Babylon   45
Paola Corò Capitanio Business profiles of multi-prebend holders in Seleucid Uruk: 
reconsidering the dossier of Lâbâs^i/Anu-zeru-iddin//Ekur-zakir   75
Erlend Gehlken Childhood and youth, work and old age in Babylonia -- a statistical analysis   89
Laetitia Graslin Les théories économiques du commerce international et leur usage pour l'étude 
des échanges à lonque distance à l'époque néo-babylonienne 121
Wouter F.M. Henkelman Animal sacrifice and 'external' exchange in the Persepolis Fortification Tablets 137
Bojana Jankovic Between a rock and a hard place: an aspect of the manpower problem 
in the agricultural sector of Eanna 167
Francis Joannès Les relations entre Babylonie et Iran au debut de la période achémenide: quelques remarques 183
Michael Jursa Das Archiv von Bel-et,eri-S^amas^ 197
Karlheinz Kessler Zu den ökonomischen Verhältnissen von Uruk in neu- und spätbabylonischer Zeit 269
Kristin Kleber Von Bierproduzenten und Gefängnisaufsehern: dezentrale Güterverteilung
 und Buchhaltung in Eanna 289
Matthew Stolper Farming with the Muras^ûs and others: costs and returns of cereal agriculture 
in fifth-century Babylonian texts 323
Caroline Waerzeggers The dispersal history of the Borsippa archives 343
Cornelia Wunsch The S^angû-Ninurta archive 365
Stefan Zawadzki The building project north of Sippar in the time of Nabonidus 381
Bibliography 393
Indices 417

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