Thomas Schneider   Egyptian Stories   AOAT 347
Kasia Szpakowska   
(eds.) ISBN 978-3-934628-94-6
A British Egyptological Tribute to Alan B. Lloyd on the Occasion of His Retirement     
  x + 459 pp.
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Foreword      vii
C. A. R. Andrews

Eponymous Priests Old and New in Unpublished Fragmentary Demotic British Museum Papyri (P. BM EA 76271, 76269A, 10992 and 10540)


D. A. Aston A Taste of Honey: mnt- and mdqt-Vessels in the Late Eighteenth Dynasty        13
M. Collier Facts, Situations and Knowledge Acquisition: gmi with iw and r-dd in Late Egyptian       33
A. M. Dodson Legends of a Sarcophagus       47
T. DuQuesne Private Devotion and Public Practice: aspects of Egyptian art and religion as revealed by the Salakhana stelae       55
R. Enmarch What the Ancestors Foretold: Some References to Prediction in Middle Egyptian Texts       75
D. W. J. Gill Arsinoe in the Peloponnese: the Ptolemaic base on the Methana peninsula


C. Graves-Brown Flint and the Northern Sky


K. Griffin An h ikr n R Stela from the Collection of the Egypt Centre, Swansea


K. A. Kitchen Festivity in Ramesside Thebes and Devotion to Amun and his City


I. Mathieson Recent Results of Geophysical Survey in the Saqqara Necropolis


R. G. Morkot War and the Economy: the International ‘arms trade’ in the Late Bronze Age and after


E. F. Morris Sacred and Obscene Laughter in The Contendings of Horus and Seth, in Egyptian Inversions of Everyday Life, and in the Context of Cultic Competition     197
G. Mumford Egypto-Levantine relations during the Iron Age to early Persian periods (Dynasties late 20 to 26)


E. J. Owens The Waters of Alexandria


R. B. Parkinson ‘Une cantilène de Pentaour’: Marguerite Yourcenar and Middle Kingdom Literature


T. Schneider Contextualising the Tale of the Herdsman


I. Shaw Late Roman Amethyst and Gold Mining at Wadi el-Hudi


H. S. Smith and S. Davies, The Sacred Animal Necropolis at North Saqqara yet again! Some Late Period inscribed offering-tables from the site


K. Spence Topography, Architecture and Legitimacy: Hatshepsut’s foundation deposits at Deir el-Bahri 


N. Spencer A Theban Statue Base from the reign of Nekhtnebef 


K. Szpakowska Flesh for Fantasy: Reflections of Women in Two Ancient Egyptian Dream Manuals 


J. H. Taylor The earliest Egyptian Hippocampus


P. Thomas The Barefoot Aristocrats and the Making of an Egyptian Collection


P. Wilson A Cult of Amasis and ‘The Procession of Two Gods’ at Saïs


Indices     451